Frank Sinatra

So I finally got my Sinatra Portfolio Project done. It took me so long that I’m already about half way through the Ruby on Rails section ! The goal (random idea) was to set up a birthday party registry for a fictional Flatiron Elementary School. Each teacher would signup/login, add their students and select a venue (between gym and cafeteria) for the students’ party.

The tricky part was getting access to the different parts of the database, mainly I had to use my helper methods to identify things like “Current_users”, “student_id’s” etc.. I even messed up in the beginning by not realizing I needed to use corneal to set up the application and just started my own thing. Eventually I had to start all over again and rebuild the thing.. smh.

Sooo here’s my code…


My index page welcomes teachers and gives them the opportunity to log in/signup.


Next, according to the teachers controller..


teachers will be redirect to the students page


Here they can add students, edit students or view the parties


The students view page will fill up as the student’s info is entered and teachers will be able to edit or delete each student’s info as they please.

Next they can add parties!!!!!


This form allows teachers to create the party log for each student which will show up on the all parties page


On the party page, you can see all the parties registered, but you can only edit or delete parties for your own students


Sooo thats about it. The CSS styling is pretty crappy but that was a whole difficult process to figure out. Overall I think it’s a solid Sinatra Project. Hopefully there’s some serious progress on display on the next one!